Ford produces many types of quality pickup trucks, but one of the most capable and notorious is the lineup of Ford Super Duty trucks. Accompanied by a trio of powerful engines, two transmission selections, and plenty of power-inducing amenities, the Ford Super Duty is known for pushing the limit.

All the engine options of the Ford Super Duty consist of a V8 layout, but they differ in their size and potential. A 6.2-liter 385 horsepower engine leads the way and is followed by a 7.3-liter 480 horsepower motor. As the most powerful engine of the Ford Super Duty, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 can produce up to 475 horsepower. However, this model is well-known for its inspiring torque production of 1,050 pound-feet.

A choice between rear-wheel and four-wheel drive also makes a difference in the type of driving each buyer prefers. Not to mention a base model six-speed automatic transmission can also be upgraded to a signature 10-speed TorqShift automatic transmission, too. The options are endless for power features in the Ford Super Duty at McGovern Ford at Drum Hill.


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